Grocery Shopping for a Campout!

     When scouts are going on a campout, the patrols typically get to pick their menu. One scout in the patrol is given the duty of shopping for the food. There is a typical budget of $3.00 per scout for breakfast, another $3.00 per scout for lunch, and $6.00 per scout for dinner. Although the scout is in charge of purchasing the foods, it is up to the parent to provide some guidance. Let the scout find the food in the store on their own, help them if they need help on quantities (how many scouts in their patrol?) Also see if there are any scouts in their patrol with food allergies. Don’t forget to save the receipt to turn into the treasurer for reimbursement

     If the campout is relatively easy and close, we expect the meals to be more of a challenge. If the scouts have picked Ramen noodles, then the scouts need to change their menu to something more involved. We are teaching them to ‘cook’, not ‘boil water’. With the budget allotted, the scouts can have steak and potatoes for dinner, bacon and eggs or pancakes for breakfast. Sandwiches and chips are ok for lunch as we are frequently involved in activities and don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing lunch-time meals

Things Scouts are not allowed to bring:
Good alternatives
Carbonated beverages (sodas, sparkling water, flavored water)

Syrupy sugar-loaded drinks

Pre-made bakery goods, (ding-dongs, twinkies, etc)


Junk Food in general
Sweets – substitute fresh fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, etc. When the scout is in the store, looking at all the junk they sell, he may whine, but when he is on the campout, he won’t complain about biting into an apple or orange.
Drinks - Bottled water, milk, orange juice, chocolate milk (real milk, not the ‘chocolate drink stuff), lemonade mix (limited quantity)