The Merit Badge Program at Troop 104

.....A merit badge is a tool for our boys to learn and then to discover a lifelong hobby or possibly a career. The following are our goals to help build the merit badge program for Troop 104.

  1. Encourage every Scout to be working on at least one merit badge at all times. This may be as an individual, with a buddy, as a patrol or troop.
  2. Encourage some independently earned merit badges – not all with the troop or at long term camp. Two of the greatest benefits of the M.B. program include:
  • Setting personal goals and timelines.
  • Meeting with adults who might not be well known to the Scout. This means the SCOUT should call to set up meetings, NOT the parent or the Scout leader.

Procedure for getting a Merit Badge

Blue Card
The "Blue Card"

  1. The scout will need to call the Scoutmaster, state the Merit Badge he would like to work on and then request a signed “Blue Card” from the scoutmaster.
  2. The Scoutmaster will then let the Scout know which qualified counselor to call and give the Scout the ‘Blue Card” to get signed off on the requirements as he completes the Merit Badge. The merit badge counselor will be the person to sign off on the merit badge card when all requirements are met.
  3. The Scout will contact the Merit Badge Counselor.

    Remember: There is a rule in Scouting that at no time is there to be one Scout working alone with one adult. Possible arrangements are:

    • Use the buddy system to work on merit badges. Two scouts and a counselor are fine.
    • Scout takes a parent with him when he meets with the counselor, but the parent does not participate.
    • Meet with the counselor in a public place (e.g. Scout building, public library, school). Make sure there is another adult in the house/building, within range of any conversation.
  4. When the requirements of the Merit Badge are finished, the counselor will sign on the Blue Card when requirements are met.
  5. The Scout presents the completed "Blue Card" to the Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster then will sign the card and give it back to the Scout.
  6. The Scout takes the Blue Card to the Troop's Advancement Chair. It is the Scout's responsibility to get the card to the Troop's Advancement Chair. NOT the parent.
  7. The Advancement Chair records the achievement and the badge is presented at the next meeting and it is also presented at the next Court of Honor.

.....Currently we have many talented Merit Badge Counselors within Troop 104 and as we grow we will continue to enlist more. There are also many registered counselors in our community.

..... Merit Badge opportunities are also offered at Moody Gardens.This is one of the exceptions where a parent will have to make a call to register as it is usually during school time. The Scout will have to get a signed "Blue Card" from the Scoutmaster BEFORE the class. Cost is usually around $15.

.....Many men who were once Scouts feel that their entire lives were influenced by their merit badge work... Hundreds of doctors, engineers, forest rangers, and naturalists had their ambisions kindles while earning merit badges as Scouts. You can too!!!

.....A full list of merit badges can be found in the Boy Scout Handbook.. There is also a web site you can go to that lists all the requirements and has handy worksheets for assisting the Scout in their acquisition of the merit badge.

A Scout is:

Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.